Gus Dahleh is the CEO

Posted by Admin - April 11th, 2012

Gus Dahleh is the CEO of a company called Envestr Capital LLC. It is a firm which specializes in commercial and residential real estate. As of late, the firm has been investing in distressed real estate, acquiring those properties so that the marketplace is friendlier for buyers who want a discount off of market-prices.

Envestr Capital LLC has made it easier on their clients by developing important relationships in the industry. For example, they have created meaningful relationships with a number of banks, local and regional, which means that they have first access to notes before the general public. Envestr Capital LLC also has a working relationship with lenders who make it easier for their buyers to secure financing. Gus Dahleh has been instrumental in forging these relationships as the CEO of Envestr Capital LLC.